UX and UI Design Consultant and Illustrator

AFAR Media: Mobile App

What is shown here are some of the wireframes and visual design for an earlier version of AFAR's mobile app. The wire framing was done collaboratively and the visual design is mine. We are currently working on the next iteration, which will solve some problems we discovered with this version and will significantly increase the app's functionality.

One of the main improvements will be to the structure. In this earlier version, when you enter the app you arrive at a list of featured "wanderlists". These wanderlists are travel collections based on location or interest, for example "The Best Bars in Berlin" or "Amazing Ski Resorts Around the World". In our newer app, we want to create a more directed experience: so instead of arriving at a list of random collections, you will first be asked what destination you are interested in. From there, you can narrow down your preferences and filter by category (Eat, Stay, Shop, Do), read essential information about the destination, search within that location, map out your trip, as well as view AFAR's curated lists of the best things to do in every destination. 

The other focus of the this version of the app will be streamlining our trip planning tools. In our first effort to create trip planning tools, we provided too many options and by doing so, created a tool that was unnecessarily complicated. In this iteration, we're designing trip planning in a way that removes all the barriers and creates a seamless experience.